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Local Activists Support Ward Churchill In WI

A group of Chicago activists went to University of Wisconsin to show support for Ward Churchill.
Ward Churchill spoke tonight at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Campus. Chicagoans showed support and braved the right-wing gauntlet. Troops of Protest Warriors and frat boys shouted "USA, USA" repeatedly trying to stop discourse.

The was a brief free speech rally as well a a "9-11 Victims Memorial" that was really a front for a right wing attack on both Ward Churchill as well as the university system.

Signs such as "Privatize UW" and Genetic testing for Indians" were met with "Free Speech is not LEfT or RIGHT" and "Protect or Civil Liberties."

The Most Agregious Award goes to a little old lady that had a "Poison Churchill" part to her sign. She stood by a man that had a "Churchill Crossed the Line."

Churchill was given a several minute standing ovation.



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