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Indymedia plagarism of Onion passed off as "news"

Editorials from The Onion keep showing up as "news".
It's no suprise that in a free 'media' forum that, on occasion, radnom cut-and-pastes enter the forum under the guise of valid news stories.

Earlier this year a number comial editorials have appeared on Indymedia's various sites posing as real staories. One such article was "Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes", which circulated thru the Chicago IT community, via email.

It wasn't long before some, also avid readers of The Onion, a Wisconsin-based parody newspaper, identifed the material as past material by the source, but as false news posted on

One can only hope that "independent journalists" who submit the site will not cheapen the news presented the Indymedia's readers, or use it to porport personal agendas or political propoganda.



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