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Complacency Does not equal Peace

Complacency Does not equal Peace. We must attack Al Qaeda, or risk another attack.
I ask those who protest the "war", what do you stand for?

Do you stand for inaction? If a murderer lived in your neighborhood, and the authorities were supporting him, hiding him, and reloading his arsenal, would you preach "non-violence" to let him strike again.

Pacifists see themselves as obviously on the side of a higher morality, and there is a surface appeal to this notion, even for those who dismiss pacifism as hopelessly naive. The pacifists' argument is rooted entirely in this appeal: Two wrongs don't make a right; violence only begets more violence.

There can be truth in the pacifists' claim to the moral high ground, notably in the case of a war that is waged for manifestly evil purposes.

So, for instance, a German citizen who declined to fight for the Nazi cause could be seen (although not likely by his family and friends) as occupying the moral position. But in the situation where one's nation has been attacked -- a situation such as we are now in -- pacifism is, inescapably and profoundly, immoral.

Indeed, in the case of this specific situation, pacifism is on the side of the murderers, and it is on the side of letting them murder again.




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