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Boycott Jays?

I recently saw a flyer on the CTA asking people to boycott Jay's potato chips and other products. The stated reason was discrimination against African American women. I'm looking for more information in order to write a news story.
Found a poster on the CTA that said:

"Boycott Jays for discrimination against african american women!

"CEo Steve C Japp is Reponsible for Sneaking in Female Illegal Immigrants and denying Qualified African American Women Job's and Promotional Opportunities So Please Support our Sisters by not buying Jay's Potato Chips or Oke-Doke Cheese Popcorn, or any other products of Jays.

"Please Call Steve C. Japp and Tell Him to Hire Some Sisters Thank you!"

I'm curious whether anyone has heard anything about this, whether it's a joke/hoax/etc or a legit flyer, basically what the story is if there is one...may be that I'm way behind the times and this is old news, I dunno...or it might be something about to break(?), or nothing at all...

If anyone has heard anything, let me know, or post your info as a comment to this article. - Ian



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