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Terrorism against farmers, loggers, hunters, gun owners, meat eaters, fishers

We've had terrorism against Americans for awhile now!
We've had terrorism against U.S. people for years now! They've been harassing farmers (and taking their land), loggers, trappers, hunters, gun owners, cigarette smokers, trailer homeowners, etc. Basically, anyone that isn't "them." Them is the urban know-it-alls, big mouths, conceited, professional, bullies, coercive, bureaucrat, government-controlled, middle, upper middle class, creeps. They think they know it all. Even Socrates didn't admit to that. They use their power to get our money, our land, our kids, our cigarettes. They are out-of-control power freaks that need an intervention or enema. Let's get a 12-step group for these creeps before they ruin a beautiful thing, which is the common man, just wanting to live in peace, doing what is right for all of humanity, naturally, without state/bureaucratic/know-it-all planning.



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