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Thu, Oct 11: Latest Updates from Afghanistan

**Latest Updates from Afghanistan Thursday, October 11
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Thursday, October 11 - Latest Updates from Afghanistan
· Heaviest air strike to Kabul and other Afghan cities early today since US-led attacks started
· At least 76 people had been killed in the bombings so far and around 100 had been injured
· US air raids killed 18 in Kandahar, AIP reports
· Taliban envoy says 100 reported killed in the village near eastern Afghanistan of Jalalabad.
· Taliban leader's relatives reported killed
· Starvation looms for six million Afghan refugees
· US personnel on ground in Pakistan
· Behave or we attack, US warns Saddam
· Britain says no evidence linking Iraq to attacks
· Russian forces 'already in action'
· British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Oman
· U.S. is likely to target groups in East Asia linked to bin Laden
· Indonesian police to charge radical Muslim leader
· Canadian in Kuwait in killed
· US probe narrows to 220 detained after attacks
· US demands major corporate media networks to edit future bin Laden tapes

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