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Chicago Antiwar action, 10/8: photos

Some of my photos from the second emergency response antiwar action in downtown Chicago. The later ones were taken while I (along with everyone around me) was being pushed away by cops, despite visibly flashing my press badge, so the images may appear a bit chaotic. (article 17)
1. The Radical Cheerleaders perform at the pre-march rally on Federal Plaza.
2 - 4. Protesters assemble on Federal Plaza.
5. The march kicks off.
6 - 9. March proceeds south on State St.
10 - 15. March proceeds to Michigan Ave., demonstrators attempt to cross and then march up Michigan as police attempt to contain the march.
16. A group of about 2 dozen marchers spontaneously sit, blocking northbound traffic exiting the Michigan Ave. bridge.
17. Police arrest a group of 5 demonstrators who were physically cut off from the rest of the crowd. These protestors called for backup from other marchers but could not be heard. They told me that the police had been threatening to push them. Then an officer in command walked up to the huddled group, pointed directly at their heads, and said, "OK, everyone goes to jail."
18. Police push crowd of protesters back to the sidewalk after the arrests, while some activists attempt to dialogue with the police.



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