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National Day Of Housing Action N14

National Day Of Housing Action Called For N14
National Day Of Housing Action Called For November 14, 2001

With the worst economy in decades and layoffs piling up in the many thousands, community groups have called for a National Day of Housing Action for November 14th, 2001. Dozens of community, labor, faith-based and housing/homelessness groups will demonstrate nationwide in support of the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Campaign, a grassroots effort to jumpstart the economy through the construction of affordable housing.

The campaign's central demands: a massive production program of new housing financed from the excess surplus from Federal Home Administration (FHA) bonds are carried by two bills, House Resolution 2349 and SB 1248. Although both bills gathered substantial bi-partisan support, there is concern that they will fall by the wayside due to the astronomical cost of financing war efforts.

The day of action will host a variety of non-violent actions, ranging from takeovers of vacant, government-owned housing to prayer vigils and picket lines. Local groups will design their own actions, addressing their community’s needs, making the connection to the need for new federally financed construction of housing.

"During the 1930's and 1940's the federal government though it was a good idea to hire unemployed people to build housing, schools and bridges. It still is a good idea, since housing is the only solution to homelessness. We are stepping up the pressure to ensure housing doesn't become collateral damage," remarked James Tracy, Coordinator of Right 2 A Roof!

" I know what it's like to become homeless, waiting in lines for Section 8 applications which never turn into actual homes. Families need the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund," said Bianca Henry of Family Rights and Dignity

"Housing production has been used in the past to stimulate poor economies. With the housing crisis at nationwide proportions, why not create jobs and homes at the same time?," asked Randy Shaw of Housing America. His contention was backed up by a new report entitled: Home Sweet Home, Why America Needs an Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The report, issued by the Center for Community Change, established that local housing trust funds contributed positively to communities.



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