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War opponents to protest for second night against US military attacks

More than 800 anti-war activists took State Street Sunday night to protest U.S. bombing in Afghanistan. Protesters have vowed to gather again Monday night, October 8, at 5PM at the Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams to take their message -- no war, no racist attacks on Arabs, Muslims and others, and no attacks on civil liberties -- to the streets. (article 2)
Emergency Protest
Monday 5PM, October 8, Federal Plaza
Intersection of Adams & Dearborn, Chicago

Chicago, IL: On Monday, October 8th at 5:00 PM, hundreds of Chicagoans will again mobilize to oppose war as a response to the tragedy of September 11. This second night of protest, which is being convened by the CHICAGO COALITION AGAINST WAR & RACISM, will assemble again at the Federal Plaza at Adams and Dearborn to protest Sunday's U.S. military strikes against Afghanistan. Speakers will include representatives from Chicago religious, immigrant rights and peace groups.

More than 800 people staged an emergency rally and march on Sunday to voice opposition to U.S. military aggression in Afghanistan. The Sunday emergency action was convened by the Coalition as part of its efforts to oppose war, racism and attacks on civil liberties in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Participants in a Buckingham Fountain peace vigil joined the protest, and the group then took their message to the streets of Chicago's loop. Chicago police made a half-hearted effort to keep the marchers on the sidewalk, and then surrendered State Street to the protesters.

The Coalition is an ad-hoc alliance of more than 35 local peace, social action, and religious groups, as well as hundreds of individuals, united in opposition to the nation's march to war in the wake of September 11. The group formed on September 18 at a community anti-war forum attended by 400 people.

The Coalition has organized around the following points of unity: opposition to U.S. war and military aggression; opposition to racist attacks against Muslims, Arab Americans and other groups who have been targeted in the wake of the September 11 attacks; and opposition to U.S. government attacks on civil liberties.

The Coalition has publicly joined other groups in mourning the victims of September 11 -- and all victims of war -- and has called on the U.S. government to prevent the further loss of innocent lives by ceasing military attacks against Afghanistan.

The Coalition had staged two demonstrations to protest war, racism, and the erosion of civil liberties prior to Sunday's emergency mobilization. On Monday, September 24, approximately 400 people marched from the Chicago Tribune building to Daley Plaza and Federal Plaza during the evening rush hour. The Coalition also sponsored a march along the same route on Saturday, September 29, in solidarity with national anti-war protests that day in Washington, D.C. The second Chicago march was attended by an estimated 900-1000 people.

The Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism can be reached by email at nowarnoracism (at) The Coalition's media contact is Melinda Power, who can be reached by landline at 773-278-6706 or by mobile phone at 773-491-2341.

Photos by Chris Geovanis/CIMC



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