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america as international comedic relief day after the closest race for the white house in recent history what have we got : no president and in missouri they voted a dead democrat into senate over a living republican, makes a good sitcom but once again we have cast ourselves as the clown figure of the scene and sometimes i wonder are we trying to be funny?
this is not really an article per se i wont spell check or grammar check just gonna make use of the resources available as we stand perched on a ledge dancing precarioulsy over the canyon of global pillage and the much feared dubya orgy of texan style politics or the ever hip and rockin gore and lieberman ticket peppered with tipperisms which we all hold close to our hearts i'm sure. overall i just have alist of questions relating to, as i'm sre we all know, largely we are regarded as a joke a joke with heavy finnacial and boom boom zap em sway but still all over the world people are captivated with out brilliantly comedic election 2000 circus. we all do it too, everyone has made a dubya is dumb and gore is most likely and innorganic robotic human fascmile but still i wonder if this helps, yeah george w is stupid and ohhhhh yeah is al gore boring but i think they way we laugh it off and throw our buzzwords like paper airplanes is mostly engineered to distract from the obvious armageddon of shit due for. good news is over 2 million people said no and voted nader. adn here is where i drop all fucking pretense of being capable of writing something coherant fer the last couple of days and i guess all i want to say is dont laugh its not funny and oh yeah here i go.the main thing i wanted to address was the way people have been programmed with this internal checks and balance system, to check their hopes and balance their disapointment and disgust by flogging themselves with the endless we plants are happy plants propaganda readily available everywhere. thats what disgusts me whenthey get inside of you and all the nader bashing and smearing is hardly needed what with people curbing themselves from the bond of ass to couch.



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