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The Emergency Response Action Plan established by the Chicago Ad Hoc Coalition against War and Racism is now underway. Gather at Federal Plaza, (Adams and Deaborn) at 5:00 PM Today. Bring signs, bullhorns, posters, banners, drums, puppets..and most importanly people. Call everyone!
The US war against Afghanistan has begun. At least five loud explosions were heard in Kabul, and Al-Jazeera TV reported the blasts appeared aimed at the airport in Kabul. B-2 stealth bombers were being used in this first wave, NBC’s Norah O’Donnell reported from the Pentagon. ABC reports that he first explosions were reported around the capital this evening (local time), and power and telephone service in the city was quickly knocked out, leaving it lit only by the light of Taliban anti-aircraft fire and the blasts from incoming bombs and cruise missiles. Fighting has broken out on the front line between Taliban and Afghan opposition forces about 25 miles north of Kabul, witnesses said. BBC reports attacks on Kandahar Airport as well..

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