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Sunday,10/7: Chicago Mobilizes for a National Day of Peace

Supporters of a peace response to the attacks of September 11 will gather this Sunday, October 7, at 5 PM at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago for a candlelight vigil to voice opposition to US military intervention and war.
The candlelight vigil will emphasize six points of unity:

1. We mourn the victims and condemn the attacks of September 11.

2. We stand in defense of civil liberties.

3. We oppose anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and all forms of racial, ethnic, and religious violence and bigotry.

4. We oppose military intervention and war.

5. We seek global peace through social and economic justice.

6. We support justice not vengeance; bring the perpetrators to justice through established principles of international law.

The event will feature live music, prayers, and brief testimonies on lessons learned from the September 11 tragedy.

Sunday's vigil is organized by several religious and community organizations including the American Friends Service Committee,Chicago Religious Leadership Network, Coalition for New Priorities, National Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Eighth Day Center for Justice, Illinois Peace Action, SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education), and United Campus Ministries at UIC.

The Sunday event is part of a national call by major peace organizations committed to nonviolence and social and economic justice. Simultaneous vigils will be held in cities throughout the United States, including New York and Washington, DC

For more information or to volunteer for the Chicago Peace Response Vigil, call (312) 427-2533

For more information about the national call, visit the National Peace Response website.

Read the AFSC National Press Release




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