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Challenge Corporate Psychiatry: Oct. 10 & 13

Two upcoming Chicago events by psychiatric consumers/survivors and allies will challenge forced treatment and the drug company-sponsored "Mental Illness Awareness Week" and "Depression Screening Day."
Send a message: Don't fund forced treatment!

Wednesday, Oct. 10
Noon-1:00 (show up early if you can)
State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center (Randolph and Clark)

People from Chicago ADAPT, Mad Lib, and Support Coalition International will have a presence (distributing literature, etc.) at this annual Mental Illness Awareness Week rally. This event is put on by Alliance for the Mentally Ill--Greater Chicago and others, and is a push for more funding of mental health services. We want to make people aware that this would fund more forced treatment (money that would be better spent on peer support, housing and job opportunities, and other voluntary services), and give an alternative to the drug-company sponsored message of mental illness "awareness" and "screening" events.

A free afternoon discussion with Mad Lib & Support Coalition International

Saturday, Oct. 13
2:00-4:00 p.m.
Chicago Public Library -- Humboldt Park Branch
1605 N. Troy (North Ave., just east of Kedzie)

David Oaks, Katherine Hodges and others will speak at this event, Mad Lib's first public event of 2001! We're finally back in action in Chicago. Hear reports from the 2001 Vancouver rally against the globalization of coercive psychiatry, discuss the mental health system's response to the Sept. 11 tragedy, share ideas for the psychiatric consumer/survivor movement in Chicago and elsewhere. You're invited to stop by a nearby apartment afterwards for refreshments and talking more…(details later)

Contact Katherine at 773/227-9374 or hoydenish (at) for more information.

Mad Lib is a Chicago-based group founded in 2000 to oppose forced psychiatric treatment and promote alternatives to the mental health system. It's part of Support Coalition International, a network of over 100 groups and publisher of _Mind Freedom Journal_. Support Coalition:



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