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Fuck it all...

Fuck it all, fuck everyone, fuck everything. Just let it burn.
As of now, I am not merely a "disillusioned Naderista." I am a Nihilist. All our efforts have gone for naught. The will of the people, indeed. If they have yet again been duped and cowed into accepting 4 more years of corporate rule because the bought-off media told them to, these are not my people. Fuck 'em. The American public suck donkey & elephant turds.

I refuse to be at peace with the outcome of this election, but I am just one. I don't want peaceful & legal tactics anymore, but I am going to be derided as a provocateur or a government agent, or just "stupid." If I'm stupid, then so be it. I was brought up in this country just like any Bush or Gore supporter. I was publicly "educated" from kindergarten to college in public institutions alongside mediocre minds and by mediocre minds. Americans are stupid by definition; just ask anyone else from another country. It's our shelteredness and privilege that make us so stupid. I have no idea what separates me from the sheep we call the American public. I have no idea why, either. All I know is that I want political violence to break out, the jackbooted thugs to come out from behind the curtain they've been waiting behind. I want to see a bald-faced Police State, not just for nonwhites but for us all. I want blood, death, bombs, curfews, assassinations, sharpshooters, pitched gun battles in the streets. Not anywhere else, I want them here. I want this house of cards economy to collapse into confused chaos once and for all. I want the transmissions of the corporate media disrupted by explosions and cable-cuts.

Where have protests gotten us? Where has the ballot just now gotten us? It's time for the real outrage to begin. "Democracy" can just give up the ghost for all I care, and not a moment too soon. I am of a mind that it must get worse before it gets better. So fuck it all, fuck everyone, fuck everything. Just let it burn.



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