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Sat. March Against LGBT Hate Crimes to Mark Anniversary of Shepard Murder

March against anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered hate and violence on the fourth anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder. 8 pm, Saturday, Oct. 6th, Corner of Halsted & Roscoe, Chicago.
March against anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered hate and violence on the fourth anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder.

8 pm, Saturday, Oct. 6th
7-11 parking lot
Corner of Halsted & Roscoe, Chicago
3401 N. Halsted - take the Red Line "el" to Belmont, walk about three blocks
east to Halsted, two blocks north to Roscoe.

Why March?

* Amnesty International issued an unprecedented three reports this year documenting gay-bashing by Chicago police.

* Analysis of the most respected annual study of anti-LGBT violence showed that of 11 metro areas around the country, Chicago law enforcement are #1 in the nation in the percentage of gay-bashing offenders who are police.

* The Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (CABN) and several other LGBT and non-LGBT organizations have protested against Cook County States Atty. Dick Devine for what we see as his tolerance of brutal cops. Devine has criminally prosecuted only one Chicago cop for brutality in the entire time since he was elected in 1996, even though the City has paid out millions of dollars to victims of police brutality.

On the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder, we need to emphasize that anti-LGBT hate is not a problem confined to a tragedy four years ago, but one that directly affects the lives of people here in this city and around the world.We also need to protest those institutions like the Boy Scouts, Salvation Army and other religious groups which, through promoting anti-gay discrimination, encourage violence against our community.

This year's march will feature an impressive line-up of speakers such as:

* Robert Schultz, Blacklines columnist, co-chair of Chicago Black Lesbians and Gays, and Amnesty International representative, talking about LGBT people and the criminal justice system.

* Ali Abunimah, Vice President of the Arab American Action Network, speaking out against the wave of violence hitting Arab Americans and Muslims

* Kim Dorband and Kentin Waits, bashing victims speaking out against hate

* Donna Blaha, President of Glenview Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays, giving a personal view of working against anti-LGBT hate

* Bob Schwartz, CABN, speaking out against employment discrimination orchestrated by the Salvation Army

* Rose SiFuentes of the Comité Exigimos Justicia speaking about the need for solidarity amongst all communities, and

* Andy Thayer, CABN, talking about the need to organize against police violence versus LGBT people and other communities.

Special musical guest is Chicago's own Scott Free!

Endorsers and contributors include Anti-Racist Action, Autonomous Zone, Berwyn United Neighborhood Gay and Lesbian Organization (BUNGALO), Robert Castillo, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project, Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE), Citizens Alert, Pat & Roger Fraser, Glenview Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), International Socialist Organization, Christina Kostoff, Metropolitan Community Churches--Great Lakes District--West Area, Meg Miner, Northwestern University American Civil Liberties Union, Oak Park Area Lesbian and Gay Association, October 22nd Coalition/Stolen Lives Project, Pathfinders Prevention and Education Fund, Sangat, and Rev. S. Michael Yasutake.

For more info call 773.878.3697 or 773.878.4781.



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