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Toronto O16

Economic Disruption! O16! Downtown Toronto! Shut Down the Financial District!
Economic Disruption will go ahead on O16!

Two things are clear: first, that if we want a peaceful world we must first have a just world; and second, that if we want a just world it is our job to build the mass movements that are capable of transforming the institutions and social relations that create the conditions in which anger, oppression, and despair get translated into mad violence and terrorism.

With this in mind, the Ontario Common Front Against the Tories has decided to go ahead with its Fall Campaign of Economic Disruption.

For 6 years the Tory government in Ontario has attacked workers, the poor, and First Nations people. They have introduced pro-scab legislation, a 60-hour work week, pro-landlord legislation, and mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients among other things. Predictably, inequality and insecurity is rising in Ontario. Indeed, Toronto now has a higher per capital homeless population than does New York City.

It is in this context that the Ontario Common Front was formed to launch a Fall Campaign of Economic Disruption, a Campaign that would not be satisfied with symbolic protest but that would strike directly at the principal source of our problems: Corporate Canada.

Thus, unions will go on strike, students will walk out of class rooms and First Nations people will take back their lands and resources.

All of this will begin on October 16th when activists in the union, global justice, socialist, and community-based movements converge in downtown Toronto to shut down and disrupt its Financial District.

This will be a major action and we invite all activists to travel to Toronto to help us in our struggle against a ruthless Provincial Government. We also would like to share the knowledge and experience that we have learned in our attempts to localise the struggle against global capitalism. For these two reasons, then, please come to Toronto to take part in the Fall Campaign of Economic Disruption.

See you on Bay Street on O16! And always remember to Fight to Win!

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