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How To Help The Taliban

Brother Ma'soum Afghani requested that we publish the following number for people wishing to financially support the Islamic Government of Afghanistan:

Afghan Ambassador,
Mufti Ma'soum Afghani.
Telephone: 0011-9251-824 505-6

When the 'Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement' (Taliban) emerged at the beginning of 1995 and swept over most of the southern and eastern states of Afghanistan in the course of one year, many questions arose about the identity of the Movement, its obje ctives, the sides that support it and the reasons for its swift victories.
With the development of events along with the fall of most of the Afghani states to the will of the Mujahideen and the domination of 80% of the Muslim Afghani land, the profile of the evolving Movement began to appear, especially after it took over the capital city, Kabul, and expelled from it the Shiite-Communist confederation.
So, what are the facts behind this Movement and its objectives? How did it deal with Arab Mujahideen there? What are the dangers of the conspiracies that plans to domesticate it and attempts to change its path to conform with the interests of the regional



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