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Leedham at IBT Convention-Labor Beat Oct 4 & 11

Tom Leedham and rank-and-file supporters get their message out at 2001 Teamsters Convention as they challenge Hoffa slate. Video on upcoming Labor Beat, CAN-TV Chicago cable.
"Teamster Power, Not Broken Promises"

Tom Leedham is challenging Jimmy Hoffa Jr. for President
of the IBT, and the election is this fall. This new video
takes you to the recent Teamsters convention in Las Vegas,
where Leedham launched his campaign, and where Leedham
supporters take to the floor mikes to get the rank-and-file
message out. Includes Leedham interview. Video is 13 minutes, and ideal for fundraisers.

"I liked it so much I'm going to use it as a fundraiser."
-John Gallardo, rank-and-file Teamster

"I love what Labor Beat is doing."
-Tom Leedham

"I totally support this video."
-Pete Camarata

Chicago cablecast information:

CAN-TV, Channel 19, Cable in Chicago
Thursday, Oct 4, 9:30 pm
Friday, Oct 5, 4:30 pm
Thursday, Oct 11, 9:30 pm
Friday, Oct 12, 4:30 pm

You can view a video stream clip at:

To order the tape, send $20 check
made out to Labor Beat to:
Labor Beat
37 S. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60607

Labor Beat is affiated with IBEW 1220.
Views expressed are those of Labor Beat,
not necessrily IBEW.

Labor Beat is a CAN-TV Community Partner.

laborbeat (at)



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