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Gore Safely Ahead In Illinois
Greens at 6%--Need 5% For Free Ballot Access in Illinois
Vote Your Conscience on Tuesday
Vote Nader/LaDuke
This info is from Sam Smith's website:

The latest info shows Gore with a 13 point lead in Illinois over Bush.

Nader support in Illinois has risen to 6 points.

What this means is that even if every Nader voter voted for Bush (as
some in the Democratic party have misleadingly alleged it is, in
effect), Bush still couldn't win in Illinois. Gore is a shoe-in in
Illinois. Gore will get these electoral votes. Vote your conscience and
your hopes-not your fears.

Nationally, Gore is in deep trouble, primarily due to a choice by the
Democratic leadership to abandon or take for granted large parts of
their traditional constituency. They have bought into the idea, that the
Republicans patented, that you create apathy to drive voters away from
the polls and then fight over who shows up to vote.

Our country cannot continue on this way. Too many people's needs are
being ignored in order to satisfy the "needs" of big corporate
contributors. We need everyone voting and everyone involved. Nader is
getting the support he has because he has mobilized, instead of
disgusted, voters. Let's continue with this so that we may one day say
that real democracy has finally come to our country, in place of
corporate-driven agendas in favor of the few, at the expense of the
many, that we suffer under today.

At the national level, Bush has a 4 point lead in the popular vote and
looks to take in about 52 more electoral votes than Gore. The Greens
need a good showing nationally also. Here in Illinois the argument is
about the future. The Dems need to be shown where the votes are, if they
choose to go after them and not repeat the failed Gore experiment in
2004. Let us hope that a good showing for the Nader/LaDuke ticket helps
take back the House and Senate. It is the one thing that we can do to
save the Dems from Gore. Voting for him simply won't help at this point.

It is vitally important that the Green Party receive every vote it can
tomorrow, at least 5%, in order to prevent the Dems from blocking
further attempts to prevent the Green Party from placing candidates on
the ballot in Illinois. We don't want to have to go through what we did,
to get Ralph on the ballot, again.

Illinois ballot access laws (and most everything else about election law
in the state) are treated as the private preserve of the two-party
duopoly, rather than a right of the people to be freely utilized. It is
one big reason why issues in Illinois politics go to Springfield to die,
rather than to be dealt with for the good of the public. We need the
Green Party at the state level. It is the reason that the state party
organizations of the Dems and Reps are treated as the private fiefdoms
of the legislative leaders and that the corrupting influence of money in
the state electoral system is among the least regulated and most corrupt
of any state in the union. The public needs the Greens in Illinois.

Mike Lehman
Urbana, IL



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