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Sign on to support victims of Chicago police torture & the Death Row 10

Sign on to support victims of Chicago police torture & the Death Row 10
"All we want for Christmas is justice"
Sign on to support victims of Chicago police torture & the Death Row 10
"All we want for Christmas is justice"

Special Prosecutor Edward Egan was assigned in April 2002 to investigate the allegations of Chicago police torture at the hands of former Cmdr. Jon Burge and his detectives. Burge and company are accused of torturing more than 100 African American men on the South Side of Chicago. They used electroshock, suffocation, and severe beatings to coerce confessions. The Death Row 10, who were sentenced to death based on these tortured confessions, are among Burge’s victims. Four of the Death Row 10 were pardoned by former Gov. Ryan in 2003, but the rest continue to serve life sentences.

While Burge was fired from the police department in 1993, neither Burge nor any of his sadistic ring of detectives ever faced prosecution. The Special Prosecutor could change this. Attached is a letter written by members of the Death Row 10 and police torture victims calling on the Special Prosecutor to charge the officers involved and to name and charge those who knew of the torture and asking for relief in their cases. The Special Prosecutor's report is expected to be released soon. A delegation of family members and supporters will deliver this letter to the Special Prosecutors office Tuesday. Please circulate and sign on to this letter to show your support. Send your name and address to noreen (at) by Monday, December 20, 5 PM.

If you would like a PDF of the letter to circulate go here:

Fax signed copies to 773-955-4842.
Call 773-955-4841 for more information about the letter or Tuesday's delegation.

All We Want for Christmas Is Justice

An open letter to Special Prosecutor Edward Egan, assigned to investigate allegations of Chicago police torture. From members of the Death Row 10, Chicago police torture victims, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and supporters.

You have a unique opportunity to do something that will embark upon history. The Death Row 10 (police torture victims who were sent to death row), as well as all the other torture victims, have suffered great civil liberties violations at the hands of Jon Burge and his underlings. For over 30 years, there has been a band of corrupt Chicago police detectives who have not only freely kidnapped and tortured Cook County citizens into signing false confessions, they committed these illegal acts with the comfort of them being covered up by the Cook County State's Attorney's office. We call on you to finally administer a process of justice by coming out publicly and condemning their torturous acts against humanity that will allow the victims of these police officers to finally regain their freedom and their lives.

We are hoping you do the right thing with your investigation -- name the officers involved -- and name the judges and district attorneys that knew the police officers were using torture. Expose the police criminal code of silence and expose those government officials who have consistently turned their heads from the injustices that we have suffered. We believe that you should highlight in your report exactly how the Chicago police torture scandal has threads running all through the Cook County's criminal justice system, because it is our belief that the scandal could not have taken place without the knowledge, help and cover-up by many low and high ranking public officials -- prosecutors, judges, the Office of Professional Standards and members of the Chicago Police Department.
Bring these perpetrators of these acts to justice -- the perpetrators should be punished and the victims should receive new trials or freed. Encourage the civil court judges to help Stanley Howard, Madison Hobley, Aaron Patterson and Leroy Orange in finally winning some form of compensation for the years they spent innocently on death row.

"Hold the police officers involved, and the judges and district attorneys who knew of the torture to the same standards as the courts held us -- the one you call "criminals." -- Ronald Kitchen - Tortured August 25, 1988. Death sentence commuted to life without parole by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan.

"You have an opportunity to not only help the torture victims, but also help the crying mothers who have lost their sons to the injustice of this system. To not rule in our favor will be disrespect to the torture victims who are still fighting for their lives." -- Cortez Brown (Victor Safforld) – Tortured September 20, 1990. Death sentence commuted to life without parole by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan.

"We now wait for you to put a stop to this misconduct, which continues to deny us justice." --Grayland Johnson - Tortured April 17, 1988. Death sentence commuted to life without parole by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan.

"The Special Prosecutor should expose this thread in his report, assist us in forcing Lisa Madigan and State's Attorney Dick Devine to end this scandal by giving relief to all the Burge Torture victims." -- Stanley J. Howard - Tortured November 1, 1984. Death sentence pardoned by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan.

"Please bring justice and mercy to those that have a claim of mistreatment. God bless you and please keep in mind there are innocent people here." -- Gerald Reed - Tortured September 13, 1990. Serving life without parole.


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