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DC second in command pepper sprays self

Terry Gainer, second in command of the Washington DC Metro police -- and former head of the Illinois State Police -- pepper sprayed himself during anti-war protests on Saturday, September 29. Gainer, who is notoriously unpopular with rank and file cops, was apparently the victim of a prank by one of his own...
Saturday morning, September 29: Metro Police Department second in command Terrance W. Gainer contaminated himself with pepper spray, which apparently had leaked -- or been sprayed -- into his helmet. An assistant handed the helmet to Gainer while he was policing the Anti Capitalist Convergence, near the World Bank building, on Saturday morning. It remains unclear how the pepper spray got into Gainer's helmet.

Gainer, who is the former head of the Illinois State Police, is reportedly rather unpopular with the DC police rank and file -- and may have been the subject of other internal police pranks in the past. After coming to DC, he was anonymously accused of sexually abusing his children; cleared after a thorough investigation, the acusation was thought to coincide with his spearheading of a reorganization of the police force.

To view the video of this 'incident', hit the DC Indymedia hyperlink on this page.



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