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The Chicago Ad Hoc Coalition Against War & Racism needs another Demand

The Chicago Ad Hoc Coalition Against War & Racism
has adopted three necessary demands. But they will not be sufficient to reach beyond the left without an additional fourth demand - NO MORE MURDER OF INNOCENTS!

Although I agree with each of the three demands we have adopted - No to War!, No to Racist Attacks!, Defend Civil Liberties! - they will not be sufficient to reach out beyond the left community. Imagine appealing to someone outside of our community's understanding of the historical context in which September 11th's events have taken place.

1. No to War!
Our listener is likely to respond that this war is:
a. One of SELF-DEFENSE; and
b. A JUSTIFIED WAR, if ever there was one.
2. No to Racist Attacks!
Our listener is likely to agree, but respond that President
Bush appeared in a Mosque and shares our concerns.
3. Defend Civil Liberties!
Our listeners will break into 3 groups:
a. A minority which agrees; and
b. A Majority that, in turn, breaks into 2 groups:
i. A larger part of the majority which is SCARED, and
believes that we must give up some of our civil liberties
in exchange for SECURITY; and
ii. A smaller group that believes that REVENGE justifies
hurting anyone who gets in our way.
We will NOT be able to persuade them with these demands alone.
However, if we add a fourth demand:
we can at least BEGIN to plant the seeds of doubt that may later develop as the assembly-line of body-bags and invasions of our civil liberties advance with the months and years. This demanD BOTH acknowledges our belief that the World Trade Center dead were INNOCENTS MURDERED, AND suggests that George W. is going to use this as a PRETEXT TO MURDER EVEN MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE. It will TAKE TIME, possibly years, but this demand has the potential to gradually draw the non-left community into our ranks.
One last thought. A slogan like WE MOURN THE VICTIMS, although it is one which I certainly support, will NOT BE ENOUGH. We need a demand that not only mourns the victims, but warns against the VICTIMS TO COME! And they WILL COME. The Bush administration will use this tragedy as an excuse to create MORE INNOCENT VICTIMS. The demand NO MORE MURDER OF INNOCENTS combines our mourning for past victims with a clarion call to others that we fear this will lead to MORE INNOCENTS MURDERED!
Please come to the next meeting of the Chicago Ad Hoc Coalition Against War & Racism to support my proposal for an additional demand: NO MORE MURDER OF INNOCENTS!
Mark Dickman



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