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All Pakistan Trade Union Federation Statement

Statement on the Tragic Sept. 11 Events by Gulzar Ahmed Chudhary, General Secretary of the All Pakistan Trade Union Federation
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We have come to know that a public International Labor Rally is going to be held in Paris, France, on November 8, 2001, to build support for the International Conference Against Deregulation and For Labor Rights For All, which will be held in Berlin in February 2002 and in which representatives of labor, political and working class organizations from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America are participating.

I, on behalf of the All Pakistan Trade Union Federation and its hundreds of thousands of members, am pleased to have been invited to address this meeting in Paris to express and share our views regarding the situation prevailing in Pakistan and Afghanistan after the Atrocious Terrorist Attack at the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

We, the workers and people of Pakistan, condemn this act of terrorism and express our grief, from the core of our hearts, to the thousands of innocent lives murdered in the recent suicide attack. We wish to express our sympathy with families and relatives of those who have violently perished in the assaults.

We also denounce that American government is threatening to attack Afghanistan without holding an impartial enquiry and heeding its findings. This has created great frustration among the common people of Pakistan and Afghanistan and other Asian countries. It is a real fact that whole Afghani Nation is not terrorist.

In this crucial time, the American government should analyze its foreign polices, why it was that thousands of ordinary American people were killed terribly. If this were analyzed in depth, people would see that these deaths are, in the final analysis, the result of its policies in the region.

At the Paris meeting, I would like to describe the situation and sentiments of the people and workers of Pakistan against the monopoly Capitalism and against its worldwide domination and plunder of down-trodden people.

In Struggle,

Gulzar Ahmed Chudhary,
General Secretary,
All Pakistan Trade Union Federation

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