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Chicago In Action is meeting 9/26 at 7PM. Repurposing, refocusing, responding.

Chicago In Action's weekly general meeting is being held Wednesday, September 26, at 7PM. We will be refocusing our mission and re-purposing our activities in light of the September 11 tragedy.
Join Chicago In Action for our meeting on Wednesday, September 26, at 7PM, being held at the Wicker Park Field House, 1425 North Damen Ave. (1 block south of North and Milwaukee avenues.)

We will discuss:

-The Chicago In Action anti-war effort, and our relationship with the Chicago Ad Hoc Coalition Against War and Racism.

-Methods of public penetration (culture jamming, performance art, etc.) and celebration of life activities.

-Continued IMF and World Bank actions.

We will also plan out our events and activities for the next week.



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