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Protest Barak's Chicago visit on Monday Nov. 13

A Midwest mobilization to protest the Chicago visit of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Clinton on Monday, Nov 13, 7 PM UIC Pavilion - Harrison and Racine.
Stand with Palestine! End the Occupation Now!
Join a Midwest Mobilization to Protest the Chicago visit of
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak!

Monday, Nov. 13, 7 PM
UIC Pavilion
Harrison and Racine

For more information, and to add your endorsement of this action, please call the Arab American Action Network at 773-436-6060 ext. 223 or email any one of the following:

hatem85 (at)
n_omar (at)
hammerhard (at)

Sponsored by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine.

The current violence in Palestine -- perpetuated by an Israeli government that ignores human rights and international law -- has injured thousands of Palestinians and left over 170 dead. This most recent conflict erupted in the wake of seven bitterly disappointing years of 'peace' negotiations that served only to define
the US-Israeli terms for Palestinian capitualtion.

The dead include 12-year-old Muhammed Rami Al Durra, whose murder has been seared in people's consciousness -- not as an isolated act, but as an emblem of the daily treatment Palestinians endure under a brutal and untenable occupation. At the same time, Israeli settlers have taken to the streets to terrorize Palestinian villages, and Israeli settlers continue to fire live ammunition at Palestinians from behind the protective wing of Israeli security forces, in a wave of violence Israeli peace groups have called a pogrom.

Palestinians have endured decades of displacement and the forcible dispossession of their homes and land. Millions live in exile and those who remain endure a brutal military occupation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, or live as third-class citizens under apartheid conditions inside the Israeli state.

The U.S. government bankrolls Israel's repression of the Palestinian people with over $5 billion a year- largely to support Israel's war machine. When Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak and President Clinton come to Chicago on Nov. 13, let's let them know we refuse to support their brutal policies of occupation and represssion - by standing up for Palestine!



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