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Place a Ralph Nader TV ad for under $40

With as little as $40 you can run a Ralph Nader ad on your favorite TV show, news channel, etc. A package of 10 placements costs even less! Sharp shoot your message!
Nader TV Ads - less than $40 each to run!
Placement is easy, follow the link below. Ads can be targeted to your district and run on CNN, MSNBC, MTV, etc. a package of 10 placements could run as little as $250! Target your favorite show!

2. Join our grassroots media campaign by sponsoring a campaign promotional
ad. New radio and video ads are available! We also have newspaper/magazine
ads available for download. If you are interested in placing an add
yourself please click on the following link:

If you would like to help us air our new "Grow Up" spot in national media
markets please click on this link:

Once you figure out what cable shows you want the ad to run in and on what days and in what general area, i.e. "Gold Cost", "Wicker Park", "My District", etc. Call AT&T Cable and get a quote:

AT&T Cable
Janet Sutherland

Good luck!



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