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Where most attacks against US come from

I dont know why all the focus is on the middle east being the hot bed of anti-americanism!! This graph is from the State departments website..check for yourselves!!
I do not condone any acts of terrorism whatever their reason, and pray that the perpetrators of these acts brought to justice.! America is the land where every citizen is innocent until proven guilty, so why does not this apply to non americans. We have seen that the administration has indicted Bin Laden, the Afghans, the Arabs, and possibly more to be named, before any credible evidence has been produced. They talk of circumstantial evidence. Well, here is some circumstantial evidence, which, if taken at face value, means that latin america is the source of all evil for america. In fact there were more attacks against american interests in Europe than there were in the Middle East!!

Please accept my condolonces..and may god grant you the wisdom to find your true enemy.



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