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Now it Can be Told: Cause of Horror: Airline Greed

Deregulated airlines increased profit by cutting security leading to the death of thousands.
We may not know which terrorist group is responsible for the horrors of 9/11, but we know who is responsible for making it possible. The Airline industry made it easy for the hijackers to do their dastardly deed, because of corporate greed.

Years ago, airline industry lobbyists persuaded Congress to deregulate it, the old fashioned way, with lots of campaign financing bribes. Plane crashes ensued for some time, as the Feds quit watching to see if maintenance was performed on aircraft, and, after all, with reduced maintenance, profits increase.

Airline executives also noticed that if you ignore security, you make even more profit. They could not cut security from foreign flights because other nations will not allow it, but they certainly could cut it from domestic flights.

On 9/11, terrorists boarding the four aircraft involved were aware that foreign flights were too secure, even though they had lots of explosive fuel and would have been ideal otherwise for their purpose. Cross-country flights to California were the best of both worlds, full of fuel and lacking security. All four planes were going from the East Coast to California with fuel tanks bulging.

After the horrors of 9/11, an alarmed public no longer wanted to soar in craft that occasionally crash into large buildings, so the airline business suffered. Airline executives, not at all embarrassed that their own greed led to such massive death and destruction, decided to do two things in reply. First, they laid off thousands of their own employees, the very people who produced their wealth. And second, they asked for a handout of billions of dollars from the taxpayer.

These captains of industry, who call themselves “venture capitalists,” meaning that they take risks, decided that when it hit the fan, they were really socialists at heart. Since one percent of the people own eighty percent of the investments, much of this handout, this profiting from horror, will go to the wealthiest people on the planet.

Not only will no airline executive go to jail for gross negligence in caring more for profit than the safety of their customers and the other thousands of dead and injured, but airlines will be compensated by the taxpayer. This despite mismanagement by the industry, which was in financial trouble even before the disaster.

Best of all, this story will not be told by corporate media for several reasons. Corporate media boards have airline industry people on them. Airlines advertise in corporate media. And reporters have learned that the big guys are off limits. So the most important story of 9/11 is going to stay buried as George Bush declares war on enemies to be named later.



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