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Anti-War Activism, Once and Again Chicago mobilizes against war - and an activist reflects on the U.S. Left and U.S. wars, then and now. By Kathy Rosenfeld

The Politics of Fear: Administration Rhetoric Sets Stage for Assault on Dissent Who is the US government offering to defend, and who will be punished? By Mollie Maquire, Chris Geovanis, Chicago IMC

Bracing for a New Afghan War: Report from Pakistan Pakistani socialist Lal Khan looks at the situation in the region, denounces links between the Taliban and Western oil companies and explains why we should oppose the war

An Open Letter to the American People From Ron Kovic.

The Need for Dissent Voices from Britain and the US highlight the risks of a hasty response. By George Monbiot.

Not in Our Son's Name Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez's son Greg is one of the Trade Center victims.

The Harm Done to Innocents MERIP editorial published in the Boston Globe. By Chris Toensing, Editor, Middle East Report.



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