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For all the young folks thinining about signing up for war.

This little poem was written during WWI by an unknown proletarian. It first appeared in the Industrial Worker, April 14, 1917.
I Love My Flag

I Love my flag, I do, I do,
Which floats upon the breeze
I also love my arms and legs,
And neck and nose, and knees.
One little shell might spoil them all
Or give them such a twist,
They would be of no use to me;
I guess I won't enlist.

I love my country, yes, I do,
I hope her folks do well.
Without our arms, and legs and things,
I think we'd look like hell.
Young men with faces half shot off
Are unfit to be kissed,
I've read in books it spoils their looks;
I guess I won't enlist.



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