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ok. in one minute - tell the truth - what was your first reaction to the title of this post? excitement? relief that someone made a decision? ready to throw down? me too!!!! so let's go. Take to the streets. We will create a scene. People will be educated by seeing us and joining us.
We are tired of waiting for one or many different groups to decide for us when we are supposed to act! I know that others are too. Other cities are having vigils, rallies, demonstrations yesterday and all weekend, while we wait for another meeting for a few to decide. Let's go. Monday 5:30 Daley Plaza! Let's show BUSH we don't want his bloody war! Let's show our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters that we stand with them. Let's show the Chicago Police that we will not allow them to further brutalize us and carry out even more acts of repression!!!! Let's just decide this and do it!!!



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