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Left-wing Reactionaries Destroy the Anti-Globalism Movement By Transforming It Into An Anti-War Movement.
Washington D.C.
Cleft Pallett, reporting

Idiot punk rockers and hippies who fataly reject applying any shred of sence or strategy to their actions turned the other 98% of the U.S. population against them today when they marched down Pensilvania Ave. shouting anarcho-leftist gobelty-gook over the heads of flag bearing middle-Americans who get their news from The View and Jay Leno.
"You're all a bunch of fat,, ignorant sheep! You have the blood of U.S. foreign policy on your hands! Having said that, I'd like to open a dialougue with you to convince you of our position.", said one protester garbed in a giant Afganistani flag, the country who's government currently provides comfort to the terrorist network responsible for the over 5,500 civilian deaths in the U.S. on September 11th.
Amidst flag burnings and drum circles, the activists constructed their case based on rote recital of their encyclopedic knowlege of minor U.S. foreign policy blunders to the exclusion of mentioning atrocities commited by Bin Laden, the Taliban, or Husein and without consideration of U.S. humanitarian efforts. Objectivly, the anti-war effort took on the appearance of pro-terrorist propaganda.
Diza Sallah, an Arab-American, remarked on the protestor's rhetoric. "I don't know what their beef is. I came here ten years ago to get away from these guys. I feel calm about the war effort now that President Bush has made it clear that civilian populations will not be targets. I'm glad we're slaughtering the bastards, maybe the people I left behind will be able to eat now."
"What's most important is that they're brown and we're white. If we loose sight of that fact and look past race to look at the actual ideological conflicts between Al-Qaida and the U.S., I'll have no where to prove the deep self loathing I feel from having my parents pay the rent on the apartment I rent in a working-class Mexican neighborhood for it's hipness casche." Another protester remarked. "We need to educate all of these people, they need to know that nationalist pride and retribution are only rightious for non-western countries."
When major corporate mainstream media outlets were contacted to remark on whether they intend to frame their coverage of the protests as "Pro-Terrorist Sympathisers Dancing on the Ashes Of Americas Slain Innocents", they responded by saying, "Duh! I can't beleive it never entered thier heads. Come the next WTO meeting in Quatar, we'll have soccermoms and CPA's ready to fly out there and billyclub them themselves and pledging allegance to Borg-Warner. ".
Not to editorialize, but this reporter has this to say: What fucking stupid, selfish, boneheaded, selfrightious idiots. Goddam brainless, elitist, fu

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