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Tonight: Bush to Address Congress, Nation on Terror Attacks

Tomorrow: We need to Respond!
This is from the mainstream media:

"With the military on the move, President Bush addresses Congress and the nation Thursday night to unite Americans for a long battle against terrorists and pledge emergency action to repair the fraying economy.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld declined to rule out Iraq as a target of the anti-terrorism campaign. ''There are a number of nations that are on the official, public list of terrorist nations - nations that have either sponsored terrorism or been involved in it - and we know that a number of those countries are in the Middle East,'' he said on NBC's ''Today.''

In his address to Congress, Bush will not seek a declaration of war or announce that a military strike is under way, officials said. Instead, he will ask imploring Americans to have patience for a long, painful hunt for terrorists.

The words are meant to build resolve as soldiers, ships and aircraft head across the sea for conflict. Bush is also expected to warn that some of those heading out may not return."

OK, so he's not going to declare war. We were wrong. For anyone who sees no urgency to let our voices be heard, I guess you are right. While Bush implores the American public to support him because of the New York martyrs, and no doubt many tears will once again be shed while people all accross the nation get more and more sucked into this whole idea of "revenge" and "most wanted" macho fucking bullshit....we'll be losing precious moments to actually win people to see all of this for what it is. But that's ok. It'll give us more time to preach to the choir in classrooms all over the city.

People are actually blaming the media for not telling the truth? This is one time I've got to defend them. They have nothing else to report on!!!



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