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Racist Cartoon in UC Berkeley Newspaper Spurs Sit In - 18 Arrested

Early Wednesday morning - after the Daily Cal office was occupied for over 12 hours by up to 130 people - 18 people were arrested - then cited and released. Supporters - most of whom had occupied the Daily Cal office until a police dispersal order was given - cheered as the protesters were released one-by-one through the doors of Eshlemen Hall.
U.C. Berkeley, CA USA

"In response to a racist editorial cartoon printed in the September 18, 2001 Daily Californian, UC Berkeley students (held) a sit-in inside the campus newspaper office demanding the newspaper issue an apology and meet six demands. Members of several student groups, including the Muslim Student Association, Arab Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine, MeCHA, Sikh Student Association, Afghani Student Association, Stop the War Coalition, Black Student Union, and other groups, met with a representative of the Daily Cal editorial board and were refused their demands." (from press release)

The Daily Californian newspaper's - Editorial
Cartoon by Darrin Bell:

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