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In the Streets to Oppose the War

Teach-ins and e-mail petitions to the White House is not Gonna cut it!
Yesterday they began deploying. Today they say they are sending 100's of troops.....Why are we not in the streets? I just received an e-mail that is being circulated around as a petition to sign and send on to the White House! Has it really come to this???? We are all sitting at computers instead of getting out into the streets to show the world that we do not agree with this war??? This lack of response is more depressing than anything that's happened since Sept. 11th. Studying and preaching to each other in a class room is just not what it's going to take to show the US Government and the World that we don't want this Bloody WAR! Instead, Chicago will show the world just how conservative it is. Is everyone afraid of getting arrested or what? If we have some numbers that won't happen, but if it does, there are alot of activists who know how to avoid that. Teach-ins are fine together with street actions. Teach-ins are great during normal times. The US is launching a war on people unlike anything they've ever been involved in before. They're talking years. They're talking thousands more dying. The US was attacked last week, and it's likely that it could happen again. So each political group out there arrogantly sits in classrooms trying to make sure they get their little following---instead of just acting with our hearts and getting the word out to as many people as possible downtown--to all the people shopping and coming out of work--we should be able to create a real scene. Yea. This is depressing.



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