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Site bring world community together for peace
Brazilians unite themselves for peace over the Web

Last Tuesday´s terrorist attack shocked the entire world. A group of Brazilians decided to harness the power of the internet to fight back against violence. They created a site called The ideas is that netizens use this page as a means to show solidarity with the families of the victims, send their opinions to world leaders and exchange ideas: what will happen now? How will our governments react? Will we have a war?
"We´ve decided to react rapidly to the tragic events of last Tuesday! We created a site so that netizens realize that together they can influence their own destiny. We believe that the opinion of a person might not make a difference, but the opinion of millions does. We want to bet on this worldwide energy for peace" Says Sergio de Paula, president of Comunicação Carioca, the creator of the site.
The site Call for Peace has versions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. In it the user can send messages to world leaders such as NY´s mayor, president Bush, and even the diplomatic mission of Afghanistan, in addition to offering a word of support to the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks.
Call for peace can be reached at the links and It has been available since last Wednesday and messages sent are available at the website for other users to see.



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