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Anti-War Vigil March Procession Rally

Whatever you want to call it, we gotta be out there. SOON. NOW! IN THE STREETS! THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND WAITING for our response to this. We need to let the people of the world that the US is not united around war and we are not rapped in RED WHITE and BLUE!
Last night's meeting was amazingly organized and well thought out, with most of us passionately wanting the outcome to be one of a unified anti-war movement, and I want to thank DAN and the rest of the organizers. Besides the fact that once again, XXX tried to devisively take over the meeting towards the end (they know who they are), my impression is that we all truly want to work together to create public opinion which would give voice to so many people who are still out there not sure of what to do with their feelings of grief. We need to build it in a way that the media can't ignore us! We need to mobilize NOW, before BUSH goes to war -- there are many people out there who need us to come forward and show the strength of our side. At the very end of the meeting, someone suggested a vigil soon. Saturday night was one idea but I think we all realize that not a lot of public opinion can really be created on a Saturday night in the loop--at Daley Plaza! There was a problem with Friday because of Mosque defense, which makes sense, so then...what about Thursday night, right after work, like 5 pm? We need to be out there, we need to be bold! During the Vietnam War and I guess even during the Gulf War, we didn't wait around for a convenient weekend demo! We were OUT there, like we should be now! We have to show the world that we exist and that we oppose this war! We have to spread the word, we need more people to join us and if we wait to go to the loop at exactly the time when NO people are there, what is the point of that??? So that's what I think---Thursday night. 5 pm. What does anyone else think???



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