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State Police Visit Private Anti-War Meeting

Be careful! The cops are spying on you!
About 11PM last night, our large S29 demo collective called a meeting to discuss if we should go to DC as planned, not go to DC, or go to DC to protest the coming war instead, or whatever.

About 20 minites into the meeting, a knock at the door (we were in a CELLAR of a soup kitchen) was FOUR Indy State Police troopers in uniform and one guy in regular clothing. One of the cops said that someone had reported a stolen car but none of us in the room did. Besides, you would send 5 cops at 11:30 at night to a soup kitchen basement to find out about a stolen car? What bullshit,. Then another cop asked what we were doing and someone made a joke and said "prayer group meeting, officer" and some people laughed. The guy in regular clothes got mad by the look on his face. They just stood there and looked at us and then said "OK" and left.

Be careful because the cops are watching you now that the war has started.



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