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9/27 Forum on "Plan Colombia" and the FTAA

Oak Park/West Suburban Friends of the People's Weekly World are sponsoring a forum on "Plan Colombia" and the FTAA.
"Colombia–Another Vietnam?"

US counterrevolutionary intervention disguised as a "war on drugs"

"Plan Colombia" is being sold to the US people as part of a "war on drugs" designed to keep drugs off our streets. In reality, Plan Colombia is an assault on the peasants’ movements, trade unionists, and revolutionaries (the FARC) who now control 40% of the Colombian countryside. It is part of an attack being waged throughout the hemisphere on people and organizations that struggle against International Monetary Fund/World Bank policies, the Free Trade in The Americas Agreement (FTAA), and capitalist globalization. Illinois banks are financing "Plan Colombia." Our money is being used to interfere in Latin America.

Speakers: Guillermo Cohen, Colombia Solidarity Committee; Jamie Owen Daniel, Chicago Jobs with Justice; and Sarah Staggs, Communist Party USA. Thursday, September 27, 7-9 p.m., Maze Branch Library, 845 South Gunderson Avenue, Oak Park. Sponsor: Oak Park/West Suburban Friends of the People’s Weekly World. For more information, e-mail OkPkCPUSA (at)



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