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S29 DC Zapatista Block Update - Call for Input

Latin America Solidarity Demonstration postponed - Zapatista Block switches focus
09/16 - Update: In light of the changed circumstances, the Latin America Solidarity Conference planning committee has postponed the Demonstration against the Military and Economic US Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean. Instead, the planning committee is encouraging people to join actions to conquer the current threat of war and the racist attacks against members of the Arab-American community locally and in Washington DC.

The Zapatista Block is re-focusing to support the efforts of an emerging DC coalition led by the Washington Peace Center and to contribute to an anti-authoritarian contingent at the Demonstration against War and Racism in DC on Sept. 29. We feel that we need to take the changed atmosphere in the society into account and need your input to answer questions that we have (how would a group wearing masks be perceived at this point and time etc.). Please visit the web page

and add your feedback.
In Solidarity,
Daniel Guerin for the S29 Zapatista Block



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