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Mobilization for Global Justice Pulls Out of IMF Protests

The Mobilization For Global Justice, the main organizing group for upcoming protests against the IMF and World Bank have cancelled its demonstrations in the wake of the tragic events of the past week. The anti-corporate globalization protests were expected to the be the largest in the U.S. since Seattle in Nov. 1999.
(This post courtesy of NY IMC.)

As many of you will already know, because news travels when people are waiting for it, at last night's spokescouncil the Mobilization for Global Justice decided to cancel its call for street actions in September in Washington, DC, in light of the events of September 11and their aftermath and the expected cancellation of the IMF/World Bank meetings; to continue with planned non-street educational events; and that the best and most appropriate way for folks within MGJ to support the peace movement is to support the emerging coalition led by our friends and allies at the Washington Peace Center and the American Friends Service Commmittee, without using the name "MGJ."

A press statement will be crafted today and released to the press Monday morning.

I assume that the minutes of the spokescouncil will be posted sometime today.

As with any such decision, there was and will continue to be disappointment and dissent. I would ask people who were not there to reserve judgement until the minutes are posted.

Thank you for your patience with us in this difficult time.

-Robert Naiman



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