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74% say Nader should NOT drop out in Time poll. (article, link to vote)

Ongoing Time Polls Show Strong Support for Nader.
Nov. 11, 2000 Time Magazine’s internet website ( asks “Do You Think Ralph Nader Should Drop Out of the Presidential Race?” With just 308 respondents so far the answering is an overwhelming “No!” 74.35% of the responses say Nader should not drop out of the race, while only 23.37% say that he should. Not a surprising answer as Ralph Nader is far and away the most popular presidential candidate on separate poll on the same web page.

Time is also continuing this second poll, which it has run for some weeks, which asks “If the presidential election were held tomorrow, whom would you choose?” With 1,121,321 responses and counting, Ralph Nader has remained the leader, holding nearly 60% of the vote! The two corporate funded candidates, George Bush and Al Gore, have just a fraction of Nader’s support in this poll:

Nader 57.70%
Bush 29.96%
Gore 10.16%
Buchanan 1.75%
Other 0.40%

Time notes that theirs are “unscientific, informal survey[s] for the interest and enjoyment of users, and may not be indicative of popular opinion.”

Readers wishing to participate in these polls may do so through the link below.



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