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SEARing built up HATE!

Nuthin personal,its bussiness,thats all.
Why george bush must die. (english)
by proffr1 (at) 3:31am Sat Sep 15 '01

Well...we all gotta go sometime.Kill the head and the body will die.

Im a really loving guy but Ive got a job to do too.
Dubya is clearly not up to snuff,like a bison leading a herd to a terrible escarpment he should be shot.Operation soft drill,the real 'operation of the century'nominates the shrub."Id buy that for a dollar"
The secret service know where I live,fuck them.
Crimes against humanity need an effective system of international justice.
Assasination politics has as much claim for consideration as any other.
At least as long as there is something called freedom (of speech) FREEDOM numero uno,remember?
Afghanistan's where old empires go to die.
Eat your dirty heart out amerikkka.
Attack on america? HA! You aint seen nuthin yet.
FUCK America and all who sail in her.



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