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This is why they hate us so much
Subject: [AM] Oil Monster
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 19:29:42 -0500
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This week the United States was on the receiving end of mass death, misery, and destruction. While America mourned her dead, the people in the Arab World were celebrating. Their leaders, anxious to avoid any retaliation, hastily disavowed any connection with the attack. To many Americans the depth and intensity of Arab hatred of the United States is something of a mystery, but to those who have followed the sordid quest for oil around the globe, there is no mystery at all. Oil companies, with the cooperation of corrupt governments, have displaced, abused and oppressed native populations not only in the Middle East, but world-wide. The Gulf War killed thousands, some of them soldiers buried alive in sandy desert trenches. Air raids since and the United Nations sanctions have added to death and misery in Iraq. American-made helicopters rain death and destruction on Palestinians, and the hatred is further inflamed by the centuries old conflict between Islam and Christianity. The situation is not what we would like it to be, but we have to deal with reality.

The politicians have built underground bunkers to protect themselves, but all of the America cannot go underground. Above ground we have bridges, dams, pipelines, and electrical sub stations, most of which have
less than a thin fence to protect them. Measures will be taken to counter more attacks from hijacked airplanes, but terrorists, encouraged by their victory, will undoubtedly switch tactics and try for other targets. The Israelis will encourage us to strike back, hoping that we will do the job they have not done: kill as many Arabs as possible. This country is beginning to reap the harvest of many decades of short-sighted political leadership, and the corrupt influence of the oil companies on public policy making. The politicians may wave the flag now and take protective
measures, but they will do only what they have to do to protect their own skins!

Bush will have to retaliate, and the people of this country expect him to do so. Will his actions pull us into open war with the Arab world? If an attack on Afghanistan is launched, will Russia stay out of the conflict? Is it possible to send our missiles to destroy cities and hope to accomplish any lasting peace without following up with a land invasion? Have we learned anything from the Gulf War? The best long-term solution to our problems is conversion to renewable energy sources and better civic planning, but that solution comes too late to help us now. Energy hungry America is sliding down the slippery slope of armed confrontation, the descent lubricated by the oil on which our economy depends.

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