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Christians At War

As Amerika gears up for its jihad with the Moslem world this little ditty from World War One seems
most fitting. Feel free to substitute Moslem, Jewish or any other religion where appropriate.
Christians At War (Tune: Onward, Christian Soldiers!)
by John F. Kendrick - Little Red Songbook, 9th Edition, 1913

Onward, Christian soldiers! Duty's way i plain:
Slay your Christian neighbor, or by them be slain.
Puliteers are spouting effervescent swill,
God above is calling you to rob and rape and kill,
All your acts are sanctified by the Lamb on high;
If you love the Holy Ghost, go murder, pray and die.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Rip and tear and smite!
Let the gentle Jesus bless your dynamite.
Splinter skull with shrapnel, ferilize the sod;
Folks who do not speak your tongue deserve the curse of God.
Smash the doors of every home, pretty maidens seize;
Use your might and sacred right to treat them as you please.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Eat and drink your fill;
Rob with bloody fingers, Christ okays the bill.
Steal the farmer's savings, take the grain and meat;
Even though the children starve, the Saviour's bums must eat.
Burn the peasants' cottages, orphans leave bereft;
In Jehovah's holy name, wreak ruin right and left.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Drench the land with gore;
Mercy is a weakness all the gods abhor.
Bayonet the babies, jab the mothers too;
Hoist the cross of Calvary to hallow all you do.
File your bullets' noses flat, poison every well;
God decrees your enemies must all go plumb to hell.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Blighting all you meet;
Trample human freedom under pious feet.
Praise the Lord whose dollar sign dupes his favoured race!
Make the foreigh trash respect your bullion brand of grace.
Trust in mock salvation, serve as tyrants' tools;
History will say of you: "That pack of God Damn fools."



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