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Resistance and Courage

Chicago activist and educator who recently reported from Genoa for Indymedia breaks down the media hype for war and suspension of freedoms in the name of profit before people also called the american way of life.
Do you "get it"? Do you understand as you watch your TV or listen to the radio or anything coming from corporate media inviting you to give up what little freedoms you have left, your civil liberties, support a state of emergency and unite for a war against anything from the "non-Israeli middle East"? Let's break it down together.

Yes, of course, it was a devastating tragedy for "the people" and their families on those planes and in NY, DC and Philadelphia. It always is, generating grief, rage and mourning, whether here or in Palestine or Chiapas or Argentina or the USA. It is everyday people, we are always the casualties of the war game, and it is always the people who take the hits: workers, young people, firefighters, civilians, mothers, fathers, sisters, brother, and our children, my children and my grandchildren. But who benefits? Every time.

Who will benefit from this latest horror? Who was having a hard time persuading folks to get behind a massive increase for the defense budget? Who loses if there is a recession? Who was struggling to find a way to rescind the bill of rights? Who gains if the people are distressed and in pain and will support any action that offers a catharsis for that pain? Who benefits if many of the people, especially the young (many who are involved in developing a mass base to shift the power base from the elite, or joining gangs, or being put in jail) are wiped out "serving their countries" in a war? Who wins control of oil, water, "the gold" if the mass bass of peoples in the western world blindly hate the non-Israeli Middle East, really? Surely not the poor, the workers earning a dying wage, the every day peoples of the world or the families of the dead and injured around the world today.

For the past three days the transnational corporate media has been spinning a social imaginary that will support war and the suspension of civil liberties. What the hell is a social imaginary? Well, that's like the production of the way we think about things, that's the way, the "authorities", news people, politicians and "spokes models" perform their jobs to produce the "truths" for the society they live in, and, in turn, reproduce the existing power relationships--that which keeps power in the hands of those who have power now! You know, like the "truth" of the "American way of life--profit before people and the planet.

Right this minute, every minute, there is a whole

"truth regime" being spun, in our faces, seeping into our brains, messing with our minds and hearts so that we will hate and kill with our flesh, our bodies, our minds. Not just here in the USA, the European Union and NATO are all participating in the production of a particular discursive formation that takes on the mantle of "truth" historically and socially, a result of ?regimes and practices"; the material practices shaped by race, class, and gender social relationships, which both proscribe and codify what is to be done and by whom. (Foucault, 1991b, 75; 1979, 1980)

Here's the good news: these "truth" formations, these spin jobs, can also operate on our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits, to provide openings for resistance and courage. How? When those of us who will honor what we know, support each other for what we know, and counter the corporate "truth regime".

Our identity and ideologies as the people, whether Americans, Middle Easterners, Africans, Europeans, Asians or Indigenous Peoples, emerges out of our individual actions in the world. You know, the looks on our faces, the way our bodies open or contract, the meanness or kindness of our communications, the embrace or the punch, the voice of protest against insanity or the insane support for more war and oppression. You know, putting your body on the line and taking a stand, out loud, against the profit over people "truth regime" that is asking you to hate and kill by putting your body on the line to fight for that which benefits those with the power and privilege so they can continue to profit, at our expense.

You know, resist, have courage, stay open and give voice to what you know about yourself, the wounded, the grieving, the overlords, the poor, history, lies and war: this way will heal our grief and pain and continue to allow us to find new ways to create "a better world" for all of us; the other way, their way, will increase our grief and pain and will never "profit' or benefit us, we, the people, here, there and everywhere.




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