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US Nationalism and the Threat of Anti-Globalisation

(I apologize in advance for using the IMC NewsWire to publish this editorial. I think it is fair, however, considering the amount of other insane political ranting that was allowed to be published on here in the wake of recent events anyway.)
I was born the United States of America, the greatest country in the world. It is a country free from racism and sexism, and we are all free to think or believe whatever we want, and no one tries to shout above any of the others or step on anyone's toes because we all live comfortably. All the citizens of this country know it was founded on the belief that since we are such a great country, representing the greatest democracy and love of peace and freedom imaginable, that everyone around the world would want to be a part of it and respected for wanting to take part in it. We have never made the horrible mistakes that other countries have made - our hands are clean and our consciences clear. Our country could never be accused of any kind of injustice, and any uses of force we have ever used have been completely justified. We have an abundance of resources, and spend all of our time and energy to preserve them, and could never be accused of greed for we share our abundance with the rest of the world. Our Free-Market system of economy is the most fair economic system devised since the beginning of time,, and we encourage trade with other countries around the world since it generates more production here at home of useful tools and technology that have made all of our lives better and less complicated. Most of all, all of the money generated by our successful economic campaigns goes to educating our most precious resource - the children of our country who represent our ancient heritage and our glorious future.

The United States is an empire with its greedy talons in a bloody grasp on our entire world. It is something i am ashamed to have been born into, (when i'm not taking for granted freedoms the rest of the world DOESN'T have). It is the most hypocritical nation, probably in recorded history. Around the world, we are hated, sometimes completely justifiably, because we have raped the world repeatedly in the name of freedom and democracy, without once sincerely apologizing or attempting to correct our behavior.

Our country is not run by the people... The people are controlled, through an intricate system of cold, calculated manipulation, by corporations run by people that are so high above the rest of the population that it would be absolutely fair to think of them as gods rather than human beings. These gods see all human life EVERYWHERE as expendable, and only until they realize that our lives are not so, no true freedom can exist.

We have attacked the rest of the world, killed innocent people by the millions, and controlled the rest of them through intimidation of war, (with our seemingly infinite supply of weapons so far advanced that we dont even understand them before we use them), and threats of economic collapse. Our allies cower under our bully fists and our enemies have learned to abhor our very existence because they cannot even comprehend the kind of power we, (as in "We the people"; i.e. "as a nation"), have over them.

Most people in this country know exactly what i am saying - we are not a stupid nation, just ignorant and lazy. If we are such a free country and ultimately want peace, can't we think of a better way of dealing with this attack on our soil, (which we have been lucky enough to avoid until now, unlike those at, say, Hiroshima and Nagasaki), than REVENGE?

Or are we going to continue believing that the powers over us are completely invincible? Or just mourn America's "lost innocence"?... Meanwhile, people around the world are mourning for the thousands killed in our country on Tuesday; in countries where this kind of violence has been occuring for a very long time.

Now is a very important time to be an anti-globalization activist, and to continue being one in the face of cries for war. People everywhere are going to be paranoid and distraught, and we, (as activists and politically-minded people), could be seen as part of the problem, especially when all this American nationalism is at its pitch. This is precisely why all protesting must be non-violent, and why we must all point out that US imperialism and globalization, in all its forms, is responsible for what happened on Tuesday. We can't just disappear, or worse, think of everyone as against us, when now is the perfect time to let the whole world know that there are Americans that are tired of the way things have been, and don't want this seemingly endless cycle of exploitation, war and violence to continue.




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