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Post niketown rally and press release postponed.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but the rally and news meeting in opposition to the aftermath of the niketown arrests, which was set at City Hall in Chicago on November 1st, has be delayed for an undetermined date in the near future. Our hope is to assemble a force against the unlawful arrests at niketown on September 26th. As well as the over all suppression that has become evermore apparent under the shrouds of a just law that's whole purpose is to silence the increasing distain of the opposing american people. We ask that you keep in touch and tell others of the impending struggle. Still we now find that we are in need of corroboration of eyewitness accounts at the coming press release and protest. Among other small tasks that need to be carried out to inform those who are unaware of our plight. Once the date is corrected you will be given more advanced notice of its time and location. thank you for your time, all of which we didn't have enough of this week.

For general information or the soon finalized date location and time contact.

Ed Voci (312) 786-0200 ex. 19 OR Neal (773) 588-7966 OR
Josh (312) 455-8072



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