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World Trade Center & Pentagon bombings: A Wag the Dog scenario emerging

A president is installed by five Supreme Court idealogues. The economy is in the tank. Americans must be distracted.
A Wag The Dog scenario is emerging. Five Supreme Court idealogues, good friends of George Herbert Walker Bush, repay their friend by installing George W Bush in the White House. George W,, with and I.Q. of 91 and the Republican party's best and brightest, plunges the previously thriving economy into the red from which Bill Clinton had rescued it after 12 years of borrow-and-spend economics. The bottom fell out of the economy after Geroge W reinstated the Voodoo Economics of the Reagan/Bush era. Even dim-witted Americans might see the folly, and the Republican party, the party of the aristocracy, could be destroyed forever. What to do?

Create a distraction. Bomb some buildings and blame it on terrorists. Where to plan it? In Florida of course where the plot for the 2000 election crime wave and subversion of the Constitution were hatched. Plenty of accomplices already there. Find some people from Muslim nations. Tell them they are working for Osama Bin Ladin and have an opportunity to die for Allah. Suicide bombing is really cheap wages so overhead will be minimal. Republicans always go with the plan that pays the cheapest wages. Train them to pilot and navigate planes. Fake plans to kill the president by flying into the White House or Camp David, then bomb a couple really solid, American-made buildings like the World Trade Center and the Pentagon where minimal damage will be done.

Turn off all air defense radar so the planes with the green pilots can fly around for hours until they find their targets. Give all operators of the bristling surface-to-air missile defense complex around Washington D.C. and the Pentagon the day off so some overzealous private doesn't shoot down any of the wondering planes and ruin the plan.

After the attacks, follow the usual routine for protection of our leaders so that the public won't suspect the whole thing was fabricated. In the past, even as late as Napoleon, leaders went to the front of their armies in war and in times of crises. Current leaders, however, scurry off to holes in the ground in the wastelands of Nebraska. After a short time, have George emerge prematurely from his hole as if he is brave and not afraid of any stinking terrorists unlike the fear he had for Vietnamese soldiers and drove daddy crazy keeping him away from Southeast Asia, wherever that is.

Then have George W. visit the sights and exclaim that an intolerable, barbaric action had occurred and that it would not stand. Allow him to declare that it is an act of war just as his daddy did against Iraq. Leave out all the numerology that got daddy in trouble when he ended the Iraq war because the ground invasion had reached 100 hours duration. That made General Schwartzkoff so mad.

Then find a couple Arab nations to blame, very small and defenseless ones, bomb them and George will become an American hero. Americans love to see expensive bombs lighting up their TV screens when they set down to dinner. That's why previous presidents had bombed cities like Belgrade, Panama City, Baghdad, Tripoli and Hanoi.
Hopefully the American people will be appreciative a little longer than they were for daddy and George W. could get reelected. Wouldn't that frost daddy's ass.



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