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Effects of 9-11 in Chicago's downtown

In Chicago's downtown on the day after 9-11, we have more police, cancelled protests, and lines at United.
Downtown Chicago on Wednesday September 12 -- the day after the tragic attacks on New York and Washington -- sees a few changes.

The police are everywhere. The Daley Center appears to have police cars on each corner, parked on the sidewalk. Lake Street downtown has no fewer than four police officers on every corner.

A number of important citizen actions have been cancelled or postponed, including a protest against police brutality and a protest against the planned introduction of a new nuclear power reactor in Zion, Illinois.

A long line extends well out the door of the United Airlines and Lufthansa office on Michigan Avenue, as people of many nations apparently try to plan their altered travel arrangements. (Tuesday evening's sky was quiet over my home, under O'Hare's eastern incoming flight path; air quality was probably significantly improved by the lack of flying pollution machines in the air.)

Otherwise, business appeared to operating as usual. The only hint of a deeper analysis of the events of 9-11 was to be found on Chicago's alternative/progressive left e-mail lists and websites.

Mark A., Edgewater-Uptown Greens of Chicago



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